While walking to a home office in slippers is probably the best way to get to work, riding on a bike isn’t far behind, but these people-powered contrivances aren’t exactly known for their storage space. If you need to lug a laptop or tote your tablet you really don’t have many options beyond somehow strapping it to your body or throwing on a set of bulky saddlebags. The Central Storage System for Bicycles (CSSB) from Swiss start-up TATO makes room by splitting the top tub on the frame, leaving space to slip in a laptop bag, purse, or your oversized copy of the Necronomicon, making this perfect for getting to the nextCthulhu fhtagn meeting while minimizing your environmental impact. It’s all yours for about $1,450, but shipping out of Switzerland will likely add a good bit on to that.

[Thanks, James] 

       Guga Machado