The iPad family has finally hit the market but the one’s available right now are Wi-Fi only models with the price ranging from $499 to $699. Sounds like a good deal but what if you need access to the internet on the go? Well, the solution is simple for us S60 and N900 users.
I own a Nokia N95 and simply love it. It was a couple of years ago when I came across an app that could convert my 3G into a Wi-Fi connection (with WEP security). Sounds cool, but when I actually tried it, it was simply amazing. The App is called JoikuSpot Premium and can be downloaded here for a special price of 9.00 Euros, which is about $12.50 You can also try the Lite version first before you buy the full version. Following is a screenshot of the app.
So, now with my N95 + Joikuspot in my pocket, I can have internet access on my $499 iPad whenever i want   Thus, with as little as $499 + $12.50 + Taxes you can get the power of a $629 iPad. Have you tried this trick? Were you satisfied? Share your experiences in the comments section below.