We all have a friend who floods our inbox with every single joke or catchy link he gets forwarded.  I tend to open one in a hundred and yesterday I happened to stumble on was one of those “most dangerous roads” powerpoint presentations.  I’ve seen these before and always think “man, it would be cool to ride on that road if it weren’t so damn dangerous!”.  That got me scouring all over the internet for photos of cool obscure roads that would be awesome to ride and your chances of death would be a lot less.  Here’s a few I came up with:

Trollstigen, Norway.  A cyclists paradise!  Thanks to plasticine for sending in. (click on image to enlarge)

This one just sent in by Stellite.  Horn Road. I have no idea where this is. France maybe?

 Update: Tour of Austria, the last section up to the Kitzbuhler Horn summit

Col du Galibier, France. Photo by Jason Ostler (also in the What You Missed This Morning 2010 Calendar)

Dades Gorge, Morocco.  Imagine descending this?

Himalaya Highway.  Next stop, 14,000m

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China.  Now this would be cool to ride

Stelvio Pass, Italy – this was actually featured in the Giro for the first time in 1953, when Coppi beat Koblet up the 48 harpins!

Lysebotn Road, Norway.  Imagine riding up the walls of these fjords?

Pasubio (Vicenza), Northern Italy.  How good would this be!?

Somewhere in Taiwan in the autumn.  Sensational!

Los Caracoles, Andes.   Looks like an easy climb…

Denali National Park, Alaska.  Nothing but you and the open road…and the grizzlies

Of course we don’t really need to go far to find some of the most amazing roads in the world.  New Zealand is a short flight away and the riding there rivals anything shown above!